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Originally Posted by Wreck-n-Crew
The content of the video is not enough. Even a short paragraph referring to it's content and it's purpose would have sufficed.

It's not a matter of whose video it is. From the Forum Rules' page on Drive-by Posts/Threads:
Do not simply post a link and expect anyone to know why you posted the link or why it is relevant to the thread. You leave it up to those that post any thoughts as to what direction the thread takes or what you meant by the post. Each person will necessarily have a different take on what they think the thread/post is about.

Remember, the Opening/Originating Post (OP) must contain a summary of what the link is about and should also contain some opinion by the OP in order to start a discussion in a specific direction.
Expecting people to follow your link or read the article, without any remarks by you, and discussing the event, shows an utter lack of respect for the rest of the members here at TFL, who have come to expect intelligent conversation. In other words, it is rude.
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