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Does your range have voice activated target release? Years ago, I recall Al Clark shooting alone by hitting the pickle with his foot/toe -- but, he was a world's Skeet champion. If you're new to shooting, shooting alone will have a very flat learning curve. You'll be best served to start out with a qualified instructor. With the trial-and-error self-taught method, you'll find yourself repeating many common errors.
Zippy is right on about the trial-and-error self-taught method. Unfortunately, some instructors aren't a great deal of help but if you find a decent one and they are out there, they are well worth the cost. After 2 years of mainly trial and error, with a one group lesson and two private ones, I am finding things are coming together when a couple of guys at a local public shotgun club took an interest in things. That and I saw a stock pro about having some work done. He didn't want to do any work and told me how to modify an incorrect mount.

If the nearby shotgun club is open to non-members, I suggest you try it. You might also give it a call and even if it only allows members to shoot, you may find that you can take lessons there with coaches that have a deal with the club.

Learn what to do now, before bad habits are ingrained. As I am finally shedding some of my bad habits I am learning how easy it can be to destroy targets.
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