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I have shot many deer with a rifle that were standing on the edge of deep ravines. You better believe I did not want that deer taking two steps. If you hit a deer broadside with a rifle through the flat shoulder bone it will drop. Period. I have had people try to tell me otherwise. I think not. I have hit running deer at that spot and the deer goes down like a bag of cement falling off a moving truck. I have also shot a couple between the eyes. If the deer is facing you, how do you "Shoot the jaw off" the deer without hitting it in the neck or shooting over it's head? That must be a pretty anemic round you have if you shoot the jaw off and it bounces off the neck. I strongly suspect (After hearing 7 fast shots out of a '94 Winchesters) that if the jaw stories are true, the hunters probably were not aiming at the head to begin with. I have seen or killed deer with: an arrow through the neck(And just about any part of the anatomy you can imagine) front legs shot off, back legs shot off, gutshot, assshot, bullet hole through the ear, nose shot off, bullet hole through the main beam, and healed over bullets and buckshot in every cut of meat you can imagine. I can only think that whoever did that shooting was just aiming in the general direction of the deer. You aim where you want to and let people that are better shots aim where we want to. Oh, this should get the self righteous experts wound up, I also frequently hunt with center fire .22's.
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