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Ms. Horsley is 18 and lives on her own. She wants to purchase/possess a long gun (a shotgun) for home protection but is thwarted in this effort by IL law, which requires an FOID to purchase both guns and ammunition. Under IL law, an FOID may not be granted to an individual under the age of 21. An exception is that for those who are 18-20 years of age may obtain an FOID, if their parent/guardian signs the application.

Horsley's parents won't sign. It should be noted that under IL law, they are then fully liable for any criminal conduct arising from the possession of the firearm by the "child." It should also be noted that the State contends (in their MTD) that the parents not signing (the application for an FOID) is a sign that the parents don't think their daughter is mentally mature enough (the State as Mind Reader Extraordinaire).

Unlike the ill-fated cases in Texas, this case does not involve handguns. A fact that the State of IL tries to confuse the Court with, in its Motion To Dismiss.

The case is Horsley v. Trame, just added as # 83 on the list.

Wolfwood? I'm sorry I neglected that case. I will remedy that omission.
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