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First off, with the example I used with a 115 gr bullet in 9mm, who's gonna be loading above the 1150 FPS level that's more than typical with a 4" barrel using a fast burning powder? in a 5" barrel with your QuikLoad statement of a 4.5% increase that's 1204 FPS. Any number of medium/slow powders will give 1200 FPS and even higher at STANDARD 9mm pressure of 35,000 PSI/33,000 CUP from a 4" barrel, so with the 6.5% increase from your own statement, from a 5" barrel that velocity would increase to 1283 FPS which I actually understated at 6.3% because the actual difference would be 6.6%. That's simply basic math! As far as performance with a conventional cup and core 115 gr. JHP in 9mm, I'd much prefer 1283 FPS/420 FT/Lbs of KE to 1204 FPS/370 Ft/lb load. I don't need to rely on QuikLoad to tell me that!
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