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5 new pistols in 5 weeks.

The wife said "when the kids are grown up and gone, then you can"...Soooo, I did just that... I am disabled (a number of reasons why) and have 13 bad discs with some of them ruptured...To hold down the total weight of the firearms I stick with 9mm and Compact or Sub-compact in size....It makes a huge difference to me...

The 5 I bought are (1) Taurus Millennium G2 PT111, (2)Beretta PX4 Storm (too heavy), (3) Ruger SR9c, (4) Glock 19 Gen3, (5) Taurus TCP 738 (too cute for words and the only non 9mm).... Whatdoyathinkaboutit?..Did I miss any "gun of the month) pistol faves?
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