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A 16" barreled AR with a telescoping stock will fill your needs. Put a 1-4X20 scope on it and you are set for anything from 3 yards to 300 yards. Keep a magazine full of softpoint hunting ammo and they will stop any intruder and penetrate less in building material than slugs, buckshot or handgun rounds if you miss.

With good target ammo most decent AR's even with lightweight 16" barrels are going to shoot 1 MOA. The scope set on 1X is great for up close and fast and on 4X is enough magnification for 300-400 yards. It could easily be used for deer hunting if you chose to do so with good hunting ammo.

Which AR?

Before things got crazy I'd have said Windham, Bushmaster, PSA, Colt, S&W, or Sig. They were all selling decent guns ranging in price from $700-$1,000. To be honest, I don't know which I'd recommend now. Everything has changed a lot and I haven't kept up with who is currently offering the best gun for the money right now.
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