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I don't know about that Hawg. On second thought thinking about it, it might have more effect than just more recoil. At first I had thought that if both charges went off it would just be like firing a maximum charge normally, but the more I think about it, I think it could be dangerous.

Let's explore that.

I theorize that if the front charge set off the charge behind it, then the front projectile still in the barrel would be just slightly forward of the rear projectile, since the front charge went off a nanosecond before it set the rear charge off. That would possibly create a situation where high gas pressure could build up in the gap between the two projectiles in the barrel. Possibly causing either a bulge in the barrel or cylinder or causing the barrel or cylinder to blow up. Because we must remember that the gas pressure from the front charge is going backward in the barrel at the same time it is going forward to push the front projectile out. That means the rear projectile is pushing against gas that is coming back at it in the gap between the two projectiles still in the barrel, thus causing dangerously high pressure in the gap between the two projectiles.

Just an academic theory, but it has merit and makes sense to me.

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