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I had an ar15 at one point. I loved the gun but it wasn't exactly the best quality. I liked how it was easy to field strip, I liked that it wasn't too heavy, it felt good with the shape when I held it and I liked that it was relatively compact.

But looking at something new I didn't know if it was still considered a "go to" rifle since I have been out of the rifle game for awhile.

I would like to have another ar15 really but I don't know what is a really good manufacturer.

Have any recommendations on who the top couple manufactures are for them? Like I said I don't mind paying for good quality and dependability.

Far as target shooting I did like 20 meters, and sometimes I would shoot it at 200-300 meters. Like I said this is for target shooting and something as a "incase things go crazy" defense weapon.

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