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Originally posted by Pahoo:

Would agree that this is always a good policy but for these types of hunts/ conservation effort, not easy or realistic. Practically all are conducted in City/County areas, housing additions, city and county parks that border on houses. Even some golf courses. Most of these areas are not directly controlled by private homes.

Not always easy, but always realistic to try. I don't know where the OP lives so I don't know his local/state regs on trespassing. But here, you need permission to step foot on any private property you don't own......unless you are a meter reader or utility worker. Even then, by law they are supposed to stay within the easements or get permission. If one can't get access to where a deer will probably drop, they need to find a different place to hunt. Pretty simple. Shooting a deer without a legal way to retrieve that animal is also illegal here. City and County parks and other municipal areas are not private property. If hunting there is legal, with or without a specific permit, access is usually a given. Same goes for a municipal Golf Course. But if it is private, even if open to the public for golfing, you need to have permission to be on that property for other reasons. In my experience, I have found that folks generally take deer/deer hunting and their rights to own private property very dear and very personal. Around here, I have seen more family/friend/neighbor relationships ruined over deer/deer hunting and trespassing during deer hunting than by woman and money. My understanding is, the OP says he would be hunting in area surrounded by private property. Realistically then, he needs permission to enter the neighbors yard ethically and odds are....legally. Gettin' permission is still more realistic than dropping a deer within 20 yards with any archery equipment.

Originally posted by Doyle:

See NoSecondBest's post about why deliberate head shots are a BAD idea on deer. WAY too many deer get wounded by idiots who THINK they are good enough for a consistent head shot
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