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usually once removed... friends of friends... still sucks, no matter who takes them...

I have a buddy that is capable of making guns from scratch & built a very nice custom 45-70 revolver before he retired... now that he's retired, he started giving some of the guns he built ( that would have sentimental value ) to his kids. The 45-70 revolver went to his daughter... last summer ( they are seasonal campers ) someone broke into their house, they took all the guns, all the ammo, & their silver ( coin collection )

I'd been wanting a walk in gun safe since we inherited my FIL's collection... over the years, I've about double the amount of guns... since my buddy's daughter only lives a few miles from me, that was the straw that broke the camels back, & put me in motion... I now display all my guns by hanging them on the walls... of my solid wood paneled concrete & steel walk in "safe room" between the worry of the old farm house burning, & the threat of our country house being broken into, the safe room just needed to get built... now a 3" thick concrete & steel door protects our valuables from both theft & fire, & I can go back to displaying those guns I'd locked away all those years ago, again
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