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There are several things a person can do to lighten the trigger on a model 94.

The first that some do is to use either #4 wall anchors or .22lrf snap caps(Tipton) and practice dry fire. Do this somewhere from 500-1000 repetitions ( not all at the same time obviously) and things smooth and lighten out.

There are some who change the springs out, but I had misfires with the Wolff ones.

The 94 is my main understudy gun to my larger centerfire revolvers. It's a 5" barreled beauty.

I also own a 990 which shoots very tight groups at 25 yards using CCI solid Mini-Mags.

The 990 has one of the smoothest, crisp, and light trigger pulls on any revolver I've ever felt. The 990 is a 6.5" barreled revolver.
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