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I have owned a stock CZ75 Omega, and a stock PCR.

I also own a couple Matt Mink P01s, and have just acquired the CZC SDP - but I won't get to shoot that until August (overseas again).

The Omega and PCR were good; the Mink carry pistols are noticeably better - no creep, no grit, less take-up. The Omega was phenomenally accurate, but had a lot of take-up. The PCR trigger just never agreed with my finger - trigger slap/sting.

Matt's pistols shoot beautifully, and feel good while they do it.

I am curious to see what Angus's work shoots and feels like.

(Edit: correction to the OP - the Pro-Tek and the SDP are NOT the same. The Pro-Tek has a different, anodized finish, and adjustable night sights. They don't look alike, either, due to the finish.)
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