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The starting points !!

From my experience, it is best to get this permission BEFORE you even start to hunt.
Would agree that this is always a good policy but for these types of hunts/ conservation effort, not easy or realistic. Practically all are conducted in City/County areas, housing additions, city and county parks that border on houses. Even some golf courses. Most of these areas are not directly controlled by private homes. All are heavily publicized through the media. Some areas even conduct public meeting where folks can express their concerns. So far, they have all been approved in our area. Sure, you get Bunny-Huggers that will always object and their feelings are respected. Surprisingly, you also get some folks that question why their areas were not included. ...

A few years back, I was one of many volunteers that helped facilitate such a conservation efforts. Really wasn't much fun or hunt but it did get the numbers down. ....

Forgot to mention that all hunters had to apply for a special permit and required to take a Hunter Safety course, of sorts. ....

Respect and;
Be Safe !!!
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