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"If you didn't see the shooter first, how do you expect to prove that your fear was reasonable?"

Good question and I'm glad you asked it. The third round fired landed directly in front of me about two paces ahead. I actually got hit with a piece of wet dirt on my glasses hard enough to reposition them. The bullets were coming at us, some in front, some behind. the farthest was 8 or ten feet to our left, the closest was literally inches from my fathers head. Let me assure you that we were under fire and our lives were in danger. I'm only guessing but I believe they had semi automatic ak-47s (probably why they missed) at any rate. While I may have been lucky enough to be just outside of the effective and acurate range of their weapons, I was well within the lethal range of any rifle caliber, and these people were making an attempt on my life.
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