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good points. Correct I didn't see them until they fled, I had about a ten second window where I could have made the shots and dropped them but then I wouldn't be justified, it would have been into their backs and at that time they obviously weren't firing at us. My main concern is that often when I see the tresspassers they are well into a very wide open field of wild grass, no brush, no trees, no cover. I cant exactly take em by suprise and jump out of the bushes that arent there. In order for me to talk to them and tell them where the property lines are and figure out why they are where they are I have to come at them on foot from a long ways off. They're gonna see me coming, no doubt about it. Now, if they are indeed professional criminals or fugitives of justice or whatever plausible situation you would like to imagine that would lead them to shoot at me for whatever reason, I just want to clarify that just because you can't make eye contact or verbally communicate does not mean that you cannot positively identify and engage a target that is in fact, beyond a shadow of a doubt threatening your life. Some of the longest confirmed sniper kills in Iraq and Afghanistan superceed one mile. I'd say then that a dedicated and determined individual with the proper training and practice and equipment and motivation can be a threat to my life at 1000 yards. Am I wrong? please tell me I'm not some kind of nut job
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