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@tahunua001, i beielve your right, i dont see a way to use strippers, but i never did use them in the first place, i have 5 strippers for at range shoots and ive had nothing but problems with them, not feeding or being very sharp, kinda moot point now.... but yes thats a con for the mount as well.

though it would be less a con if one had the archangel stock, as you load the magazine with strippers as well i think.

what receiver style or year style is your nagant? would that have anything to do with needed inlet? could be important to note these differences for future reference


wow, i very much like the design of your viper, the red and black make it stand out,.

just from looking i can note the following
-covers internal magazine, that's a new one and very innovative
-nice sized recoil pad and design, will greatly reduce the recoil for quick firing
-ambidextrous design allows for left and right shooters, to use the built in cheek rest, which looks designed to the right position for irons
-looks to have a stable left hand backing on the magazine shroud

but one thing i find as a issue even on my boyds is the gripping on the front is slippery, i shoot at ranges and in dry desert areas. my shooting style usually needs a good grip on the front under the barrel so i have a stable shooting platform, with the magazine cover i note it could add some nice stable point, but how is the griping on the stock?
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