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Good reviews...

Your point about seating the action properly before tightening the action screws is important for any rifle, including the MN.

While most rifles have a lug, the block on the MN action serves the same purpose. It should be seated firmly to the rear, first. With the action/screws in place, but loose- tap the buttstock firmly on the ground a few times to seat the action correctly. Then tighten the front action screw, before the rear to equal torque ( a small torque screwdriver like the FAT wrench is good for this). It also helps sometimes to experiment with different torque settings to see the effect on accuracy.

Also like any other bolt gun, it takes but a few minutes to grind out the area of the recoil block in the stock and epoxy bed it. Any side-to-side "slop" is removed, and full contact at the rear is assured.

Just introduced a new Tactical stock...check it out and let me know what you think- as long as you like it J/K...
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