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overview of some of the items used while in feild

later will purchase the archangel stock (tan or green) color is undecided as of yet

rock solid industries mount
very strong, adaptive to needs of the user, provides a stable platform
easily adjusted to air pocket issue found in mosin nagants,

solution to air pocket when mounting a scope mount on a receiver:drill the hole bigger and re tap threads for larger bolt/screw, this give stable point and strong mount point.

the design is simple yet gives the rifle a new look, similar to a sporter rifle.

the RSI do not specify the rail system(it is a weaver rail)

must have a bent bolt system to have a functioning rifle.

after purchasing both RSI mount and bolt combo, i notice the bolt is not ground down enough on the top to clear the scope mount, causing it to catch or scrape the botom right corner of the rear points of the rail system.

a big ROCK SOLID INDUSTRIES is machined into the side of the mount, this could be a pro if you wanted to show who did this, but it forces you to act as an advertising platform without your concent, if they had put it in small font i wouldnt care but it takes the entire left plate to display to the world. its a sneaky way of advertising

Rock solid industries BOLT

purchased for 60 $ with the 100$ mount

-the bolt is long and smooth,if you bolt is sticky and not smooth this will not improve that much. this is easy to install, unscrew bolt body and install new bolt body its a snap.

- the action in the rifle feels more natural and is easy and quick to work with
-the ball tip is actually bigger and gives more surface area to get the action


-must inlet stock to acomidate bent bolt
-inleting takes 5-10 minutes depending on stock
-bolt contact point is a sqaure edge, this is not a smooth round, so inleting shape is somewhat odd

-if RSI does not machine it right, it will hit rear edge(right underside side) of the back of the mount

GRG MFG grip


-if mounted close, gives easy control and stability, i find it a useful way to tighten groups as i cant get a good grip on the boyds stock front
-quick deploying legs , made of steel, give stable firing position from any surface.
-the rail is a nice touch for the rifle to have a flash light or a laser, i have not decided what to mount on this yet, any recommendations would be nice.
-quick install to rail on underside of stock, i used the underail adapter from blackhawk , attaches to swivel stud and gives another stud to mount sling on front
-fast leg deployment

-the grip is a little wide for my hands but still stable and strong for shooting
- the legs do not have any dig points, like on a hariss which grip the material they rest on.
-mainly suited to quick stability action

BODS featherwieght, thumbhole stock
-easy to install, no inletting needed for 9130, at least not on my rifle.
-dropin and screws easily, i recommend front screw then rear and tighten equally, or it will loosen , this will cause loss of accuracy.
- easy grip for right hand and right eye dominant shooters
-cheek pad built in aligns perfectly with irons for a mosin 9130
-free floats barrel and beds rifle
-side vents to cool barrel quickly
-easy to inlet and modify, material is very forgiving
-very smooth, can be slippery with sweaty hands, especially in front grip point
-not recommended for left eye dominant or left handed
-the recoil pad does reduce bruising but it gives more kick
-stock is lighter , so weight points are easily felt
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