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Please allow me to reiderate before closing the post. I am in no way condoning shooting people without warning at 600 yards! 99.9 percent of the time the "confrontations" involve very civil conversation and end in a handshake. However when I am walking the long way (900 yards) to talk to them in person I am very vulnerable. I am not saying that this would be a likely scenario but it certaily is possible that I will be fired upon again upon approach. As for "cannot be justified" let me just say that I will not stand idley by while people shoot at me with automatic rifles on my own property at ANY range. If I am at 500 yards and I am under direct fire I WILL ABSOLUTELY fire a warning shot as I did before! In the event that I am still recieving life threatening fire then I would seek cover if available. Cover however is not available. I will then proceed to take MY LIFE into MY HANDS and if that means taking someone elses before they deliberately take mine then that is certainly moraly, if not legally justified. I understand that conveying this in a court would not be easy, but I'd sooner have a chance than die on the mountain. Please don't think of me as some rediculous person hunter or vigilante, I am just a man trying to get by. The previous incident WAS reported and I am in contact with law enforcement.
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