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$40 to join the club, $15-20 every week to shoot the practice stages, more to shoot the matches.
Practice stages? Not sure what that is, but if it is "practice", pretty sure that is optional. My USPSA club charges $15/match for club members, and $20 otherwise. Of that, $5 to the host club, and $3 (I think) to USPSA. The rest is targets, props, etc. Oh, and the closest match is about 42 miles. I shoot a monthly 3-gun about 70 miles away.
I know it costs to rent the range, buy insurance, buy targets etc. I'm not saying they charge too much. I just get more out of spending that same amount of money on ammo, regular range time, desert shooting etc. I got a little spoiled shooting matches with my former employer.
Nothing wrong with going to the desert to shoot, or for me, out back on my property. For me, there is more to shooting a match than just shooting. When the buzzer goes off, there is the additional mental challenge, does not matter if it is a changing course-of-fire like USPSA and IDPA, or a known course, like highpower. There is also camaraderie and hanging out with a great bunch of people.

I see on a lot of club websites what seems like inactivity. When I look under the "What's New" section and they list stuff from 2008, I'm thinkin' they aren't that active.
I hear you, but they might be VERY active. At my club, I think we were too busy setting up and shooting matches to update the website.
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