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5.56 Federal 62gr Mod0 SOST Gel Test Results

Finished up the testing of the Federal 5.56 62gr Mod0 OTM SOST (T556TNB1) round. Here are the conditions and results.

Test conditions:
-16'' CHF PSA barrel
-Test rounds fired from 15 feet
-"FBI spec" (Their term, not mine...) Clear Ballistics gel block

Chrono Data:
-2997 feet per second
-1235 foot pounds of energy

-1st shot passed through 32'' of gel
-2nd shot stopped at 32''
-Fragmentation occurred along the way

Here's the video showing the test, the permanent cavity, both shots into the gel, and a discussion of the results:

Federal Mod0 Gel Test HD Video Link
Mrgunsngear Youtube Channel
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