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Reloading 223 with lead bullets and other advice?

Hello All!

I've decided to finally start wading into rifle reloading. I have quite a bit of experience reloading handgun cartridges(38spl, 357mag, 9mm, and 45ACP/Super but I've never dealt with necked brass.

What I want is some basic advice on getting started with 223:What to do, what to look out for, what to definitely NOT do. I will be shooting these exclusively in a single shot and bolt action rifles. I also plan to shoot lead out of it because I'm a caster and lead runs in my veins(figuratively and hopefully not literally)

I have the case lube, Lee dies, and my trusty Lyman Book with the recipe.

So any help will GREATLY appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Also I WANT to cast for 223 but not sure what mold to get. Just the quick look I've given provides no solid "THIS IS THE MOLD FOR 223". Any advice there would be appreciated as well.
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