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Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer
Had one and it locked up. Back to the shop. Still iffy and I sold it.
The Taurus .327 Federal Magnum revolver is (was?) built on the same frame. One of those came through the shop at the range a few months back, and it must have been your Taurus's long-lost brother. It alternated between locking up, and then simply not locking the cylinder at all when cocked. That's what we call a bad thing, so the shop owner wanted to fix it before he would let it out the door.

The in-house guy worked on it ... and worked on it ... and worked on it some more, and finally threw up has hands and said [something unprintable]. Owner knew I had tuned the Model 94 so he asked me to look at it. It took me a lot more time than it was worth, and many failed attempts, but I did finally fix it. The problem was that the bolt was VERY crudely machined, with rough surfaces on both sides, and the slot in the frame that the bolt rides in was also very crudely machined, and the result was that most of the time the bolt just couldn't rise up out of the slot.

I polished the bolt, but getting into the slot was impossible due to a fixed pin in the frame just beneath it. In the end, I had to polish the bolt a bit more, enough to reduce its thickness a tad, so there was enough clearance to allow it to rise reliably.

Which just tells me I got very lucky with my Model 94.
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