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Not all Taurus guns are bad, but enough of them are lousy enough that it can easily sour someone on the brand. And for those who haven't owned one or more, there's far more than enough internet chatter to scare the panties right off a buyer before they ever even consider looking at one.

So many folks believe revolvers are the "simple" machines and semi-autos are horribly complicated and advanced in comparison. The truth is 180 degrees from that.

Sure, revolvers seem to use a more simplistic manner of operation... you can easily see all the chambers, you can see a cocked or uncocked hammer, there is no manual safety, they are opened and examined in a plainly obvious manner. And it's almost written in stone somewhere that NON-gun people who have to have a gun in their hand immediately should turn to the revolver because it's "soooo simple, always works." I roll my eyes at this tired out cliche', but that discussion is for another thread.

My point is that revolvers are not simple machines, they are quite complicated and there's a lot that goes in to making there's a lot that goes in to making really good ones. Revolvers are not as popular and are not as in demand as semi-autos, but have you noticed how much less expensive that are NOT?! It's because there's work and engineering that goes in to making good revolvers.

Attention to detail, fine finishing and quality production from concept to shipping are critical in making a quality revolver. There are some things that Taurus does well, but NONE of those things just mentioned are near the top of the list.

If you have a chance to pick up a Taurus and -really- interview that particular one, you can find decent guns with the name and snortin' bull on them. No, I'm serious, I own one myself and I personally know of at least two others that I've used extensively that fit the description.

They are not all junk, but it's awfully hard to recommend them, especially to someone who is fairly new to handguns.

As for an awful trigger pull, the brand new (reintroduced) Ruger SP-101 in .22LR is certainly a very nice revolver, high in quality and very sharp looking...and solid as a rock. They go for around six hundred bucks, IIRC, and are really a sweet little machine.

And their double action trigger pull is horrendous and pales in comparison to every Smith & Wesson revolver I have ever owned.

Bottom line? Not every Taurus is completely worthless...and it takes a lot more than three hundo MSRP to make a quality revolver every time.
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