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I actually had a very similar experience with a Taurus 94. My thumb became sore after I fired some rounds. I don't remember how many. The trigger was bad. I remember thinking at the the time that it had the quality of a cast cap gun, with a worse trigger Ironically myself, like you, I had a K22 that I brought that day. The Taurus 94 belonged to my friend. He kept saying things like "well, its not that bad really" etc etc but he bought it brand new. I told him for a little more, he could have got a used S&W 22 (at that time). There really was no comparison although I will say, a model 34 or 63 S&W is a better comparison because the 94 is on the smaller side than a medium frame target 22 revolver. His daughter who was newer to pistols fired my K-22, and just like your account, she preferred it much better.

IMO, the Taurus 94 isn't worth the money saved. If you really think about it, most cheaply made, new production stuff is not. I prefer buying used quality stuff to save money rather than buying new and cheaply made (often cheaply made is also low quality), but of course, YMMV.
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