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Observations on the Taurus .22LR revolver for a new shooter

Yesterday I went to the range with a lady friend, who's new to shooting. Initial intention was to rent a 44 Magnum, so I could show her how big of a macho I am. And then have her knocked off her feet with a recoil when she tries it. That would be a perfect date... But since I am a little too old for that, I rented a Taurus .22LR, small frame with what looked like a 3" barrel for her.

I showed her how to hold the gun, the stance and such and then wanted her to start shooting. But she could not pull the hammer! She actually had to use two thumbs to do that. I also noticed a heavy hammer pull. I meant heavy to the point that it was similar to my Russian Nagant! Then she could not do any double action due to a heavy trigger. Now, she could shoot, but she would not even hit the target. I ended up giving her my Model 17 and she liked it much better, even though it was a larger and heavier gun.

But here is a really interesting thing! Afterwards I got her a Model 66 with 4" barrel and some 38 Specials and she loved it! She put about 50 or 60 rounds through it easily and hit the target all the time! Of course it was a large target at close range, but still...

So, now I am reconsidering the thought that .22LR is the best caliber for beginners... Oh and BTW, that Taurus is complete crap. I even ask the guys on the range and they confirmed that the trigger and hammer pull on it is normal for this gun. It's hard to believe Taurus makes a gun with such a heavy hammer and trigger. I understand that all smaller framed revolvers are not as smooth as larger ones, but still! I used S&W Model 60 before, a few actually, as well as Ruger SP 101 and this Taurus's pull seems to be almost twice as heavy...
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