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i see his argument and understand his point, my mosin is now going to focus on target shooting now, thats true.

the original project was to make a mosin into a sporter with no permanent modifications, so that we can go back to the original condition to shoot both ways. as it succeeded, i hope that template gets used by those who want to keep the mosin original with some goodies added to it.

But a thought occurs to me, to mount the original Russian style side scope on the mosin, one would need to drill and tap side mount points into the rifle and modify the bolt to clear the side scope. So that mean the mosins used in the war that were converted to this design were modified from a standard point, and does that mean the mosins of that design are less historic, than the standard counterpart? i dont think so, because i know for a fact that they would test a group of mosins and the accurate ones were taken to be modified to the sniper version. this process was done in our own military as well, to convert rifles without a scope to a scoped rifle, maybe not the bolt bending. but it still seems that if a military can do it, and that rifle is accepted it should be ok if i do it on my mosin.

the projects listed , here are mainly for reference to others, thats why i do this, to note issues and things that have a positive impact on the accuracy or shooting ability of the rifle.

now i have no issue with moving it, but i dont know how to move the thread to a new section, we may need a staff member to move it.
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