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maybe not, the original project further back is a way to keep mosin stock and swap out parts, the only non original modification is the mount and i had that attached so it can detach and i can swap this RSI bolt for my original bolt, so i can shoot it in original stock. so i can still shoot it close to its original style.

the stock is drop in, the bolt is drop in, most attachments are modifications on the aftermarket stock

and if this belongs somewhere else have it moved, otherwise the early ortion still pertain to keeping the gun in original addition with quick add on parts
close to original condition and original condition are two very separate and different things.

that mount, though detachable, still permanently modified the receiver.
the paint, though done to prevent rust, is still not the same finish used by russians and therefore can not be returned to original condition. the modification of a single part voids any C&R value as far as ATF is concerned so in the strictest definition, this rifle, from the earliest stages of this project was no longer C&R.

weatherby started out building rifles on mauser actions but I would not post a thread concerning a weatherby here just because it was built on a mauser action. at this point, your rifle is along those same lines.

it's a sporting rifle built on a mosin nagant action and is currently being modified into a target rifle. nothing really C&R left about it.
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