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Geeez. Well, I've been playing around with the gun since the front sight isn't a huge deal... just familiarizing myself with the gun... dry firing and whatnot.

I've discovered that the trigger doesn't reset about 30% of the time... It seems like the hammer is not resetting when the slide is racked. The trigger won't reset and the safety lever won't engage. If I rack it HARD.. like way harder than necessary... it seems to fix it, but there were twice that I had to pull out the trigger pack and manually reset it. The little vertical plate at the rear seems to not automatically go down like it's supposed to. Not sure if there's a spring or something missing...

In either case, it turns out it's more than just the sight that's jacked up on this gun. I sent Mossberg a follow up email and requested an RMA with a shipping label. I don't expect to hear anything over the weekend, but I will give them a call on Monday.

Sucks. I have the Choate extension for this one too! I put that and I REALLY like the gun with that on and by using the +1 extension with the Wolff spring it actually gives you a tight +2. Using the Choate supplied spring and follower it is indeed only +1. Soo... I have an 18" 590A1 that is only 1 round less capacity than the 20" model. Of course... it doesn't work at the moment... but once I get it back(!) I'm confident this will become a favorite. I also like the Ghost Ring sights more than I thought I would.
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