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New 590A1... bummed

Ordered the 18" 6-shot 590A1 w/ Ghost Rings from Bud's a week or so ago to go with my 20" 9 shot bead sight version.

Super excited to go pick it up from my dealer today. When I got it back home I pulled the barrel out of its cardboard tube(I don't understand why they ship it separately...) only to find that the front sight blade on my barrel is both way out of alignment as well as bent to the side. It just looks totally messed up. I assume that this was from the factory since the barrel tube is stapled closed and you have to tear it open to remove the barrel... and it didn't have any damage to the box like it got smashed.

I emailed Bud's and Mossberg to see what I'm supposed to do about this. Hopefully Mossberg will come through and take care of it. Am I wrong for feeling like I shouldn't have to pay for return shipping on this? If they'll let me send the barrel only back, I won't mind too much... but if they want me to send the whole gun, I expect them to send a label.

Has anyone else seen weird issues with Mossberg's manufacturing quality control? I'm not trying to bash them or anything... they are my favorites and this is now my 3rd current, 4th total Mossberg. When I ordered the complete 14" front end for my 500/590 conversion gun, the barrel I received from the factory was way out of spec and wouldn't even mount to the gun. They were cool with replacing it - it just took quite a while for them to get all resolved. Hopefully this one doesn't take so long, I've been really looking forward to running this one a bit.

Anyways, here's what the sight looks like...

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