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I don't see where she did anything special. I mean she said no and walked away -wow she did exactly as trained, she did good. ? Yea she did good she walked away! What would she of done if he grabbed her arm? Maybe scream - wow you did good again. What if it were a dark parking lot no cameras or people?- you can't be paranoid , have to keep your cool and think and act. Everytime you don't always have the option to leave or have someone to run to or.... Sometimes you may have to use something's you learned and trained for whether it be grab OC spray and use it, maybe just grab it, maybe grab your gun and sometimes maybe even use it. Even though I'm a police officer in a small town things do sometimes happen after you say no and try to leave. Have calls all the time when people don't have a plan and have to take what they get then report it. We have to have a plan/s for when things go wrong. This world is very far from being perfect. You may have a plan ands train and a situation may still go bad on you but sometimes it just happens that way. But one out of a hundred. The other 99 percent you can do so much to help yourself. Fail to plan equals plan to fail.
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