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This is a job for the .50 BMG.

I manage low rent housing. We have had several drive-bys, two while I was present on the properties, one that I think was directed at me (I'd had a violent, gang involved eviction the day before). When we have active "issues" I keep an AK47 in the car, though it is very unlikely I'd ever use it to return fire, or even have time to access it. But I'd rather drag it around and not need it than not have it if I did.

The drive-bys I witnessed were over almost before anyone realized what was going on. By the time it registers on you that someone is shooting, the car is driving away. About the only time one might reasonably engage in such an event would be if they stopped or returned. Even then you would probably only have time to access whatever was on your person.

That is one reason I carry a .45, it will generally shoot through a car door or window. Even HP will penetrate a door if it doesn't hit a frame member.
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