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mosins back, scope will be in later today

well i just got my mosin back from a friend of my dads.

a Robert Ashmore of monterey, now the shop was nice and roger was a typical gunsmith, i left the mosin with him and went on my way, today i walked in and received my mosin for 47$'s , now this guy is a professional and does great work, most people in the area go to him, he will get what you want expertly done and quick , i highly recommend him for those of you in Monterrey, just dont act like its big 5, he is a gun smith, not a sales clerk.

anyway when picking up i asked if there was any issues, he said there were 2,

1st. the receiver had an air bubble, now this isnt a typical thing , he said out of all the mosins hes worked on 2 have had this issue. easily fixed just get a bigger bolt/screw in that location and you will be good to go.

2nd. on inspection he pointed out that the RSI mount gets hit by the RSI bolt just a little bit, now if you smoothly action the bolt it wont hit or catch. but if your in a hurry you will lock up the bolt and have to shift it down a bit to smoothly action. im going to dremal this corner point down to a rounded corner and that will solve this issue

but other than that He actually highly praised the mosin, said it had a beautiful barrel, loved the bolt and the boyds stock. it did get some scratches, but rustoleom touch up will fix this , so no issues and well worth the price. the scope will be in later and ill take some pics of it

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