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Wear Lace up boots & heavy duty trousers & try not to step on snakes. I live "down under" & have a large population of various "deadly" snakes active on my farm in summer. I don't find them a problem if hunting as you are looking where you walk & are also listening for animals. Most snakes will try to move out of your way & its only the ones you startle, corner or tread on that give you grief.
As others have said its mainly people trying to pick up snakes, or kill them that get bitten. That said my mates farm manager was bitten on the calf opening a gate last christmas , & the fellow I use to transport stock has been bitten twice riding his motorbike (wearing shorts) while checking cattle. Its mainly the elderly or young that will die of snake bite. My mates manager actually waited 2 days before he decided to go to the doctor.
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