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Not to mention the opposite: get rude enough with a panhandler and you might turn a non-event into a shooting.
Now you're getting more and more silly. Sounds like you're now blaming the victim.

If telling a panhandler NO turns the event into a shooting, that pretty much proves that the guy isn't an innocent and wonderful guy. There's some instability there. And it's NOT on the part of the victim.

Look, if someone's begging, he might be a nice guy but he's at the lowest point in his psyche, short of being dead. Here's a guy in survival mode, with no place to sleep and not sure when he'll eat next. Suggesting to an 18 y/o girl or to anyone that it's ok to engage the guy or worse, take out your wallet and start flashing currency, is just plain running against the grain of all kinds of common sense survival.

It's not a zombie response to tell a person, strongly, NO. It's a wise, safe, and overwhelmingly recommended response. It's a response that I can pretty much guarantee is taught by every self defense instructor, woman's awareness class and recommend by every police agency in the universe.

I think, Jammer, you're kind of arguing just for the sake of arguing. That's ok, I guess. You have the right to suggest to your loved ones whatever it is you want in terms of their personal safety. My suggestions are clearly a lot more proactive and safety oriented.

Happy that it's me that teaches the one's I love how to deal with something like ths.

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