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42, thanks for the review.

I'm curious, I guess NZ has much freer views on gun ownership than Australia. So a responsible citizen can own ARs and handguns?

What brands of ARs are available there? Is Windham big there?
There are some laws that are a bit funny here, but on the whole I think they are well balanced.

You have to be licensed to own any firearm and then there are different classes of licence.
The A category (normal/standard) licence allows you too own any bolt action, pump action, lever action or semi auto rifle, shotgun. But for semi center fire rifles the magazine must hold 7 or less rounds and there are some rules on what stock you can have on semi's too. All these firearms have to be longer than 762mm though.

So yes anyone with a licence can own an AR15 if it has a 7 round magazine.

You can then get another licence that will allow you to own larger magazine rifles, but you need to have a good reason to want one, (which isn't that hard for genuine people).
And then there is a licence for pistols, which is very strict, but not hard to get if you are a genuine owner.
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