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Went to the theater and saw this great film tonight. Too bad there were only 5 of us total seated for the 7:10 PM showing.
The 19 year old with us could not believe the history she wasn't taught in school concerning our civil rights. She will be doing some research on her own to fill in any blanks the film didn't.
It was very well done. Ice-T did an excellent job narrating the film. Fairly balanced with a lean towards RTKBA. But I must say the Brady leader was given a platform and used it well.
The conversation should have started with something like this a long time ago.

I'm very happy to have been one of the many supporters of this movie.
If you haven't seen it and it is showing close by, please take the time and pay to see the film in a theater. Bring the entire family or neighborhood.

Well done, Kris and Team. Well done indeed!
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