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Leake, you're reading what you're watching for rather than what I wrote.

I've never questioned what the young lady thought or did, because that would be against my beliefs. I didn't even question the cop, even though what little has been said about him sounds questionable, at best.

The proper tactical response for just about everything is to drive an Abrams main battle tank and deploy mech infantry into overwatch positions before you make any moves. That will protect you from just about any scenario or trap a civilian in the United States can set up against you. It will even protect you against most police responses, at least for a while.

But it's ridiculous.

So somewhere between the combined arms platoon and "on foot, in a bikini and barefoot", you need to split the hair and decide that this is the point at which the balance is acceptable.

My daughter does not live in fear, because I taught her many, many things other than how to deal with panhandlers. Clearly, we both accept a different point on the scale than what is being promoted here. And we're both cowards.

Furthermore, I don't believe for a second that everyone here does the things that have been listed. (Avoiding all panhandlers, screaming "no" at them, or any of the other testosterone spraying systems mentioned.)

My responses to this thread have not been about the young lady in question, they have been about the ridiculous, fear-based, Sidewalk Commando advice given to a young man with an honest concern.

If the lady feels the need, I suggest classes, and I suggest avoiding male instructors.

I also carry fives (singles if you don't have the means to give fives away) and they go a long ways towards dealing with panhandlers. But that's me, and it's not the way everyone does it, nor is it the way everyone can do it.
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