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It doesn't matter what caliber you use as long as you know it's limitations. I have seen a deer solidly hit (meat, bone and lots of blood left at site of shooting and heavy blood trail for half a mile before disappearing) with a .30-06 jacketed soft point run off into the great beyond never to be seen again. I have also seen deer shot graveyard dead with .357 revolvers, .223, and even . 22 magnum rifles. Not that I recommend using a .22 mag or even a .223 on deer. If you try to shoot beyond your chosen caliber's effective range, or you do not put that piece of lead where it needs to go you have a good chance of wounding/losing an animal. I mainly use either a BP loaded .44-40 or a .30-30. Both rounds are "weak" according to a lot of "expert hunters". I have never lost a deer in my twenty five years of hunting. A .357 mag carbine is plenty good enough for deer at least out to 100+/-.
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