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Let me chime in again. I have an 18 yr old daughter. If she was walking in store and told man no, that means no. If he persisted, I gave my daughter a lesson to pull her pistol out and aim it at man and tell him again to leave. Here in Texas an 18 yr older doesn't have a right to carry conceiled until 21 but in the real world I believe when a person is mature enough and smart enough and a young lady at that, who's gonna procesucute a young lady for having a pistol for self defense? What you gonna charge them with- unlawful carry? A young lady acting in a mature way just defending her personal space. There's no way if I were the responding to this call that I would cite the young lady. Just tell her she did a good job and tell man that people have their space and they don't want it violated and tell him he's lucky she didn't shoot him. Right/wrong. Just my beliefs. We do things different in these little towns where I live. I guess she could also be charged with Deadly conduct, again here where I live it ain't gonna happen. Lets face it, Our world is so screwed and getting worse. You do bad things and its considered good and good things considered bad. Judicial system is a joke and people have bleeding hearts for all the wrong reasons. Just do right and don't harp on people trying to take care of their self

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