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Usually an armed robber would not choose a wal-mart parking lot to rob someone with cameras and a steady steam of witness.

I don't give beggars money but I have talked to a few. Some of them had interesting stories, some where worthless trash, some were crazy.

-One guy that used to beg in a town I lived in grew up there worked 2 jobs and one day his wife stepped out in front of a bus and it killed her he lost his marbles and ended up on the streets
(I heard the story from people that grew up with him).
-A couple I talked to were skizo crazy too crazy to apply for help so they were just stuck in an endless survival cycle of begging and surviving.
-A couple were savage alcoholics trying to stay drunk.

Just because someone is homeless or a beggar doesn't mean they are a savage zombie that needs to be held at gun point. Keep walking and ignore them, Just part of life in the city.
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