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Four wild guesses on your part.

...The opposite conclusions would still be wild guesses.
Yes they would be. And much more safe and sane.

This guy, no matter what his intentions that none of us know, scared this 18 y/o girl enough for her to go find a cop to walk her back to her car. Scared her enough to text her boyfriend to tell him something scared her.

Apparently she didn't want him in her space. If you're trying to suggest that she over-reacted and should have allowed into her space a homeless guy saying "I won't hurt you" that seems really misdirected.

If something like that happened to your daughter, how would you teach her to react?

I don't care if the guy's an axe murder or a Salvation Army bell ringer. I don't want them in my space. And I'm prepared to verbally command them to not approach.

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