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thanks, i just seem to always compare my guns to the m1a, so i thought it was time i posted a pick of it.

currently the mosin is at a gunsmiths getting the scope mount installed onto it, will hopefully be ready friday. the mount will be removable so i can still shoot irons whenever that urge hits me.

scope for the mosin

well i have been talking to barska , and after a long discussion we made a deal, they are going to hook me up with the second gen sniper 6-24 power scope. instead of paying 385.75$, i will be getting it for 50$'s, and it will be here tomorrow. if it can take the mosins recoil without issues i will recommend it, otherwise i toss it and get a leopold ,redfield, or bushnell scope.(personally i feel 308 & 3006 has more kick but thats imo)

i will be heading to the range sunday and test the scope(if the mosin is done), i will post pictures of the scope when it arrives, and ill try to do a shooting video (if my range allows it) , if not pictures will be forthcoming of the shoot

ive also been talking to the guys at archangel and they are stating i can get on the list for a alternative colored stock for the mosin, which comes out later this year
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