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Of course, the whole thing has a hidden political calculus that has more to do with who will be then next governor of Illinois, Quinn or Madigan. Whoever blocks concealed carry in the state will almost automatically lose the vote of the Southern Illinois democrats. The tricky thing is that they both want to block CC. but neither wants to be responsible for it. Quinn is trying to force Madigan to file for cert (and seek a stay of the appellate decision and injunction pending the cert app), while Madigan is trying to wait Quinn out on his response to the bill that is in front of him. Whoever acts first loses.
Agreed. What this really means is that, once again, the people of the formerly great state of Illinois LOSE, as politicians again put their own freaking political aspirations ahead of the will of the people they were hired to represent.
We're simply pawns in the game of chess between Madigan and Quinn.
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