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Originally Posted by Old Stony
I have seen racoons shot with a .357 run clear out of sight into the woods to die.
I saw a deer shot with a 12ga slug at point-blank range, where the slug destroyed (completely severed) the aorta, blew holes in both lungs and shattered the off-side shoulder and the deer went over 150 yards.

Last year, I saw a buck shot through both lungs with a .243Win and it went over 100 yards. A few minutes later, another shot with a .243AI and it went about 100 yards, with holes in both lungs. I've seen them shot with 30-06, 7mm-08 and .270WSM and do the same thing.

It's funny, because someone talks about hunting deer with a 357sig or 9mm and the comparison is how inadequate they are compared to the 357mag. Talk about the 357mag and somebody says it's inadequate and compares it to a 45colt. Talk about the Colt and somebody says it's inadequate and compares it to a 44Mag.

It's really a whole lot of silliness. Most deer that are shot are going to run. Most deer that run are going to go between 50 and 150 yards with a PERFECT shot. It doesn't matter that they run. There's a hole in their important parts and those parts leak copious amounts of blood. Doesn't really matter if that hole was made with a broadhead, a 9mm, a 357mag, a 45colt, a 243Win, a 30-06 or a 12ga. If those important parts have holes in them, the animal will be dead in short-order and any hunter with even a modicum of competence will be able to follow the blood trail (or find friends who can if they happen to be color-blind).

If the animal is not soon dead and/or the blood trail is lost or not located, it's because the shot was poorly placed and almost never because the bullet came from "Cartridge X" instead of "Cartridge Y".
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