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So, you self confidence lackers who think there's fish stories, which one's? Which posts/posters do you think are lying? I haven't seen a description of accuracy in this thread that I don't see every week at my local range, from several shooters.

On target at 50 yards with iron sights? That's my post. Do you think I'm lying? Do you think 50 yards is unobtainable? I see people do that all the time. I've seen people put at least one round in the target at 50 on their first time at the range.

I've got one pistol that I've put 100,000 rounds through. A few hundred of those rounds were plinking. The rest of them were either serious study or matches or qualifications. Do you suppose that after 100k repititions of something, you'd tend to get pretty good at refining what needs to be refined and eliminating what's causing distractions so you can make the shot?

Missing round hole in the 50 yard part of the image below was at 11 o'clock, just outside the 7 ring. I've since adjusted my sights.

No fish here. If you're anywhere near Phoenix, I'll take you to the range and show you how to believe you can make the shot. I'll be there this Sunday morning.

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