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Just shooting larger animals with a .357 or "service calibers such as .40 or 45" just to prove it can be done is irresponsible in my opinion. I would wonder how many deer have been wounded and lost because of this mentality. I spend time in the woods every day taking care of a 1,100 acre game preserve. I have found many piles of bones before from animals that either died from natural causes, or from a bullet that didn't do what it should. A .357 won't reliably do enough damage to drop an animal and tracking it through thick woods for long distances just relates to an animal suffering and often being lost completely. It will die eventually from these small cartridges, but why do something like this to an animal when there are plenty of calibers that will do the job humanely and with certainty.
I have seen racoons shot with a .357 run clear out of sight into the woods to die. The survival instinct is just too strong in animals to allow them to lay down and die from a small wound and they will fight to keep going until their last breath. Small calibers have their place in the hunting world, but it is not just to bolster the ego of the hunter.
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