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Regardless of how many folks scream "nobody needs a .460 to kill deer!" till they're red in the face....I'm still gonna use it.
Nobody is saying that and I don't know why you guys get so defensive. All I've been saying is that if you do not need to shoot deer past 125yds, you can get the job done with less fanfare. No different than saying that if you never have to shoot past 150yds, you do everything you need to do with a 6lb, peep sighted .30-30, rather than a 9lb .300WM with a 4-16x. If you know all that and still 'want' to use the .300, that's fine & dandy but they should go into it with their eyes open.

That and...
About the flattest shooting revolver cartridge out there.
Flat shooting cartridges don't make you a 200yd revolver hunter. I'm just glad S&W stopped doing their stupid "200yd club".
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