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Windham Weaponry Varmint Exterminator Review

Hi all.

A friend of mine has just brought one of these ARs so thought I'f share my thoughts on it.
I don't know much about ARs but I'll do my best.

First up, the gun build quality felt excellent.
The fit between the upper and lower was excellent, almost no play what so ever, but it was still very easy to split the too.
The finish on the rifle was excellent, and all the controls functioned perfectly.

We did have some feeding issues, but think it was the magazine, but 90% of the time it was fine.

The two stage trigger felt quite good but not perfect, the first part was a little gritty which wasn't that flash, but the second stage broke very cleanly.
The rifle came with some raisers for the scope rings, so using them and some B-square rings I had lying around, mounted a Burris Fullfield 2 scope I also had spare.
The rifle really needs a cantilever mount as the scope was as far forward as we could get and was only just usable.

Using some 55gr BVAC ammo we sighted it in at 100yards, which didn't take very long.
The rifle was a joy to shoot, was surprised by the recoil of it, even though there was no harsh recoil to hurt your shoulder, the rifle pushed you back a fair bit from a bipod, it was very soft and I believe its just from the mass of the bolt cycling.
I didn't take any photos of the groups, but we shot about 5 3 shot groups and all were under 1" off a bipod, and this was using the cheapest brass case ammo we could find.

Over all was very impressed with the rifle, neither of us had used an AR before so were both amazed at how easy it was to field strip and clean.
The only complaint we had was with a scope and bipod it was very heavy, so wouldn't want to stalk with it, but that's not it's intended use so it's not really a problem.

My mate intends to work up a load for 53gr Vmax bullets, probably in the Lake City brass he has from the BVAC ammo he will probably lose a fair few cases, and the rifle doesn't appear to be that friendly on them either.
He also will be getting a Vortex Viper PST for it and a Leupold cantilever lever mount, so should hopefully print some 0.5moa groups, and be an excellent varmint gun.

Hope this review isn't too poorly written as I'm a bit short on time, but hopefully it can help someone.
I'll try add some photos later.
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